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          波士顿三位一体荣誉社会推出了2019 - 2020学年的它的第一个演讲嘉宾, 博士。安东尼artuso, during the September 9th Monday assembly. Dr. Artuso holds a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental 科学 from Columbia University, a Master's in City and Regional Planning from Harvard Kennedy School, and a PhD in Natural Resource Policy & Management from Cornell. He is currently a Visiting Scholar at the University of Virginia, where his work will focus on technology and policy options for minimizing climate change. His accomplishments include developing a policy framework for deregulation of U.S. electric generation, directing a billion-dollar capital improvement program for the City of Boston, and designing and implementing water pollution control programs for Boston Harbor and Lake Champlain. He has been recognized internationally for his pioneering work on the economics and genetic value of biodiversity. In addition to his experience in the public sector and academia, Dr. Artuso's business experience includes executive leadership positions at several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, such as Synthetic Genomics. Inc. and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

          博士。 artuso描述了他生活的一种形式“不断祈祷。”他分享了一些他所面临的许多挑战,他学会了如何看过去他的情况下实现更伟大的希望。他在不同的药物和治疗,包括免疫治疗药物用于癌症和囊性纤维化的发展讨论他的工作。他强调,我们要始终寻找中,我们可以用我们的上帝赐予的人才,以援助和韦德体育周围的方式。在他目前的工作来说,他分享了他在我们作为一个社会可以减轻全球变暖和气候变化的影响方面的愿景。

          组装后,荣誉社会和几个教职工的成员在与议员的提问和问答环节参与的特权。 artuso。他勉励同学们超越“表面”,在他们的教育和扩大自己的视野。这样,他们可以使用自己的才华找到新的方法来帮助别人,创造一个更美好的世界。博士。 artuso的呈现给学生BTA为他们提供了难得的机会,听取和谁在使用他的上帝赐予的能力是地球的好管家,使之成为更多国际认可,基督教学术学者的经验中学习美丽的地方。

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